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Should I throw my laptop in the trash? The answer is simple – NO!

The worst way to dispose of a laptop is to throw it in the trash. No matter why you’re moving on from your laptop, the last place it should go is in the garbage. There are many ways to get rid of your laptop (I’ll write about the different ways in another blog) and I’ll explain why they should never go in the trash in this blog.

Throwing your laptop away is dangerous.

Laptops contain many harmful chemicals, such as arsenic, and throwing them away can have negative environmental impacts. As these laptops sit out in the landfill, the toxic chemicals can leach out into the water, contaminating the drinking water and hurting the environment. Similarly, lithium batteries tend to be highly explosive if crushed and can start a fire. If these laptop batteries explode in a landfill, it can start a substantial toxic fire.

Your laptop can be reused.

A significant reason why you should not throw away an old laptop is that the laptop can be reused by someone else. Plenty of talented computer technicians can help breathe life into these old laptops so they can be reused. There are also fantastic organizations that accept donated laptops to be reused in underprivileged communities.

In addition, 70% of the energy consumed by a laptop throughout its life happens before you even turn it on. If we can reuse these laptops, we can reduce the energy consumed by manufacturing new ones.

Your laptop has parts that still work.

Another reason to avoid throwing away your laptop is that its parts can be reused. There are plenty of parts that can be reused, such as cables, batteries, and circuit boards. Computers are made up of many precious metals, some of which are running low, and by reusing parts, we can help conserve the earth’s precious metals by reducing the need to manufacture new parts.

Your laptop contains precious metals.

Some estimates have the global demand for cobalt to outpace supply by 2025 due to its use in EV batteries. Cobalt is just one of the many materials in a laptop in high demand and is non-renewable. If your laptop can’t be reused or mined for parts, the materials contained within can be recycled.

A safe and easy way to dispose of your laptop

If you’re trying to dispose of your laptop, let Vowe help you do so in a responsible way. We make sure that every laptop we receive is disposed of responsibly and the highest use for it is found. If you have any questions, please reach out to

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